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French Lesson

The French Film Festival will take place in Richmond this weekend – Thursday, March 26 through Monday, March 30 – with most of the screenings taking place at the Byrd Theater. If you plan to attend the festival, don’t forget

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Curves from the Keno Brothers

“People are attracted to the wavy S-curve that resembles a woman’s body. It’s called Hogarth’s line of beauty,” furniture expert Leslie Keno told Traditional Home in October 2010. William Hogarth was an 18th-century English painter, engraver, satirist, and art theorist. In his 1753

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Quatrefoils and Clovers

Quatrefoil – an ornamental design of four lobes or leaves as used in architectural tracery [the stone frames around stained glass], resembling a flower or four-leaf clover. From the Anglo-Norman French “quatre” for “four” and “foil” for “leaf.” The quatrefoil

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