A Good Night’s Sleep with Matouk

Sleep. It can be elusive for many of us at times, but restorative sleep is essential to our well-being. One way to help turn the dream of a good night’s rest into reality is to transform your bedroom into a soothing, clutter-free sanctuary. Make your bed with Matouk linens, available at Janet Brown Interiors and on sale through March 15th, and enjoy beautiful, yet practical bedding that gets better with age.

Mindy Matouk recommends the Lowell Collection, the company’s best-selling style. This white or ivory percale sheeting is woven in Italy from the finest Egyptian cotton (600 thread count) and is finished with a distinctive 1-inch trim that comes in a variety of colors:


Photo via Matouk website.

Mindy says her young children spend a lot of time in her bed, and her Lowell sheeting has withstood their jumping and grown softer with time. Do take care when laundering and ironing your Matouk linens. Do not use hot water and avoid overheating/overdrying.

Matouk bedding is made to mix and match easily with other collections, and the Lowell is an especially agile mixer. It works well with the easy-care Diamond Pique of the Mayfair Collection:


Mayfair Collection.
Photo via Matouk website.

Other options include the following:


Butterfield Collection.
Photo via Matouk website.


The Mirasol – a cool and crisp collection (600 tc Egyptian cotton) – was inspired by shop awnings on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.
Photo via Matouk website.

Ansonia Collection. Photo via Matouk website.

Ansonia Collection.
Photo via Matouk website.

Classic Chain. Photo via Matouk website.

Classic Chain.
Photo via Matouk website.

Matouk offers a wide variety of distinctive edging in numerous colors, as well as the option to create “bespoke” linens with unique monograms.


Photo via Matouk website.

Here is a sampling of Matouk’s most popular monogram choices:


Photo via Matouk website.

Matouk offers monograms in two different styles: Swiss or applique. Swiss monograms provide a beautiful, timeless look with thread. Appliques are bolder and bigger; a piece of fabric is cut into the shape of the letters.


An applique monogram by Matouk.
Photo via Matouk website.

Matouk currently offers 27 monogram styles, so there is an option for everyone. For a look at all 27 options, please visit Janet Brown Interior’s Matouk Monograms Board on Pinterest or stop by our store. Janet’s staff will be happy to help you create a custom look for your bedding. If you have existing linens that you would like to mix or match with Matouk’s collections, please bring them into the store, so we can help you coordinate your items.

John Matouk was born in Damascus. His father was a jeweler. John traveled to Italy where he learned the fine linen business before founding his company in 1929 exporting linens to the United States. Today, the Matouk family combines “old world techniques” with “state of the art technology” to create high-quality luxury linens for customers all over the world.

Matouk is a popular choice with interior decorators around the country. If you are seeking design inspiration, please visit our Matouk Board on Pinterest to see rooms featuring Matouk linens that have appeared in Veranda, House Beautiful and Traditional Home.

We invite you to stop by Janet Brown Interiors to experience the beauty and softness of Matouk linens in person. Our sale continues through March 15th and offers excellent savings on products that will help you turn your bedroom into a restful haven.

Logo via Matouk website.

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